Herman Smorenburg was born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands (1958). After his art study in Amsterdam, he studied the classical technique of glazing over a monochrome underground painting. This resulted in a manner of working which is characterised by great subtlety of colour effect and delicate degrees of light and shadow. His themes are determined by mythical and visionary landscapes, sometimes with architectural elements which point to a bygone era. Mainly female figures and animals populate the world of his dreams. They invite the onlooker to step into the desolate but beautiful landscapes and to experience the silence and serenity of his dreams.

Between 2000 and 2008 many paintings of Herman Smorenburg were purchased for the ‘Van Soest’ collection: a private project with the aim to realize in Holland an international museum collection of Imaginary and Fantastic Art.

Smorenburg has taken part in several national and international art fairs and exhibitions. In 2008 his paintings were exhibited in the successful duo-exposition (with Rene Zwaga) ‘Grenzeloos Verbeelden’ at ‘Slot Zeist’, the Netherlands.

Also he has taken part in the international ‘Dreamscapes’ projects in Amsterdam (2009/2010), Austria (2017), Belgium (2018) and Germany (2019).