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Art of Vision & Imagination

"And I know that This World is a World of Imagination & Vision"

- William Blake
About Herman Smorenburg

Dutch painter Herman Smorenburg was born in Alkmaar on the seventh of June 1958. At an early age Herman, who grew up with two brothers and one sister, was fascinated by the possibility of expressing his imagination by drawing and painting.

When he reached the age of fifteen, a major development took place in his inner life which drove him to tread a path which he has followed until today: the great search into the mysteries of consciousness and the exploration of its hidden dimensions…

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”The man who never in his mind and thoughts traveled to heaven is no artist’. William Blake (1757-1827). Through the ages, people confronted with the mysterious, creative and seemingly supernatural gifts of some unique and talented individuals have, more or less, regarded these individuals as mediators between heaven and earth. The beauty, mystery and grandness...
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Art Kudos Award

Art Kudos Award The  Art Kudos is yearly international competition. The goal is to create a podium for art that excels in quality. Each year a profesional jury is assembled to award the prizes. In 2005 I received this honor. I was awarded ‘The ‘Art Kudos – Best of Show Award’  for the painting ‘Spirit...
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Timeless realities

Herman Smorenburg: Timeless realities It was Gustave Courbet who introduced the style term of Realism during the Paris World Exhibition in 1855. Since then numerous movements within this framework have made their appearance. Carel Willink who was linked to the term magic realism, although he preferred to chose fantastic realism, reached back to the traditional...
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